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Mikkeli is a small student city in Finland, which is located just in 230 km from Helsinki. Its population is around 50 000 inhabitants. There are 2 universities in this city - XAMK (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences) and Aalto University (Helsinki Campus). Today I will introduce you to my university - XAMK - Mikkeli Campus  

Let me first start with some numbers about my campus in Mikkeli:

  • Currently in XAMK there are 4 campuses - main campus is in Mikkeli and second is in Savonlinna
  • Number of students reaches 4500 students
  • There are nearly 400 educated staff members
  • 3 programs in English (Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology)
  • About 200 partner institutions all over the world
  • 11 mainly used buildings

My strong recommendation to you - check out the virtual campus (, it is available to everybody. Spend some time and walk around the campus. It is perfect for the student, isn't it? When I came to the university for the first time, I got lost :D However, couple of weeks later, you start to more or less understand the locations and orient yourself better in the campus. 

In our campus students actually have EVERYTHING they need for the studies: a lot of free space if you want to be alone with yourself and read the book, cafeterias, relax areas (where we usually sleep on the breaks :D), a lot of spare computers around the campus, self study areas, library, gym, bowling, sport hall, rehearsal room (room with musical instruments like drums, piano and guitars), basketball field, table footbal (so called kicker) and many more. All these is accessable by all students on the campus. Impressive huh?

On the pictures above you can see how it all looks inside. If you have any questions about the studies or other issues, you can easily knock at the door of the teacher and talk to him or her. They are all super friendly and ready to sacrifice their time to help you with your affairs. Majority of the classrooms are kept open. Why? There is only one right answer --> Because IT IS FINLAND. Everybody trust each other here. Only classes with computers are closed, others are opened. If it is available, you can gather with your friends and go there to complete either a group task or whatever you have to do. During the break you can go play kicker, table tennis or just go to the cafeteria, relax on a comfy sofa and drink some coffee. Usually students can stay in XAMK until 19-20 pm, then the security will kindly ask you to leave. Main entrance doors are looked from 18 pm.

Well, dear reader, I suppose I have generally told you what my university looks like. Believe me, even if you are stressed out, the atmosphere will help you and you will succeed in all your beginnings :) This university is awesome <3 

See you in other blogs 

Sincerely yours

Kate xoxo


"It always seems impossible until it is done" - Nelson Mandela