Today I would like to tell you, dear readers, how is it like to work in a Spanish company. As you know (or don't) I am a graduate from Finnish university (read more about the university here) and one of the various requirements of my degree is to have a professional training. Professional training means to work in a real company and completing some business-related tasks. Therefore, after my second year of studies, I was thinking why not to complete this professional training abroad. There are so many benefits in it such as language practice, new international environment, exploration of new culture etc. Finally I have decided to go abroad for working. 

The word "abroad" itself is pretty huge, therefore I have narrowed down my search of ideal place to work for the summer. I have picked Spain. And definitely I have chosen Barcelona, because I am in such love with this city (and frankly, I just wanted to spend 3 sunny months next to the sea). Several companies rejected me in Barcelona, but one has accepted me for HR and Marketing internship. Only disadvantage is that I had to pay 270 euros in order to be accepted for the traineeship place and get my papers signed. 

What I do like is that the work from company side concerning documentation was rapidly dealt with. I received emails with papers signed really fast and therefore was able to apply for Erasmus Traineeship Program (read more about Erasmus Program here). Not going to hide it, I was really excited to come to the company and work for the specialization I have picked before. 

However, honestly speaking, expectation can have a tendency of not beng met. The atmosphere itself did not motivate me at all. The only motivation was loads of work I have created for myself (as I usually do it :D) and the deadlines. I give you some words to consider: careless, greedy, always late, procrastinator. No, it is not me, those words clearly describe my boss unfortunately. The job that is nicely done is usually done by interns, not by the boss. Nevertheless it was a good opportunity to see how business works in Spain, which also gives an invaluable experience for the future. I have been dealing with documentation, Erasmus agreements, interviews with the candidates and agencies etc. Most importantly is that I spent my summer in Barcelona <3

If you want to get more precise info about it, please contact me via social media :)

Enjoy your day 

Sincerely yours 
Kate xoxo


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