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Vic - how to get here

Hi there! I am writing this blog post today about how I managed to move from huge multinational Barcelona to small Catalan town, called Vic. Here, I will mainly tell you how to get to Vic. To know more about Vic in general, click here. If to start from the very beginning, Vic is located in the Barcelona Province ... Read more 

Small and cozy Catalan city of Vic

It is time now to tell you about my city where I have settled for 5 months! So excited to share with you my impressions about this fantastically lovely Catalan city! First, some numbers: the population of Vic is a bit more than 40.000 inhabitants which is relatively small. "Hm, boooring" - you can think. "NO WAY!" - I ... Read more

UVic-UCC: Welcome to my university 

"A university should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning". Wise, isn't it? In this blog let me tell you about my host institution where i have studied for 5 months. I would like to share with you the general feeling about it, how the education here goes (maybe it can be useful for some of you to see how education goes in Spain) ... Read more