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Back to Spain: my impressions of living in Barcelona 

Hola a todos from sunny Barcelona! I am finally reunited with my lovely Barcelona! Last summer I have been in the city of Gaudi just like a tourist. I stayed here for 12 days and my daily to-do list was: go for a walk, go to the beach, go shopping. Already then, I simply fell in love with the city, because of the architecture, beach, astonishingly ... Read more  

Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla - it all starts here

Hola chicos! If you came to Barcelona for the vacation and just feel a bit confused where to start from, you are lucky to read this blog post today! Undoubtedly, there is an immense amount of places to go in Barcelona and for my 3rd month here, I know them already and can advise you where to take a walk :) ... Read more

Parties in Barcelona: W Hotel terrace party

What do we have for today? One of the most exciting topics for me to write about - parties! I will share some stories and tips about partying in Barcelona. Today's main subject is W Hotel. For those who don't know what is it, W Hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world which is owned by ... Read more

Festa Major de Gràcia - Gràcia Festival

As I already told in previous blogs, Barcelona is the city of never-ending fiesta. The amount of holidays during the year exceeds the number of days in the year :D (Official statistics). Every day is always a holiday for Spaniards. I still cannot get used to this too relaxed way of life here. In this blog post I will write about the coolest street festival in Barcelona ... Read more

Barcelona transport 

Hola a todos! The topic of today's blog is Barcelona transport, how developed it is, what types of public transportation is there and how convenient is to use it! I swear, I never had any problems with it (apart from really rare cases), you don't even need a car, public transport will get you wherever you want. So, let's start :) First, let me cover the ... Read more

Working in a Spanish company

Today I would like to tell you, dear readers, how is it like to work in a Spanish company. As you know (or don't) I am a student in Finnish university (read more about the university here) and one of the various requirements of my degree is to have a professional training. Professional training means to work in a real company and completing some ... Read more

From Barcelona Airport to the city center 

Arrived to Aeropuerto Barcelona El Prat and want to rapidly get to the city center? There are several ways to do so, some of them might be obvious, some of them might not. For some transport you will pay 6 euros for a single ticket, for some just 2.5 euros. Therefore, if you want to know some tiny lifehacks of how to get to the city ... Read more