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What do we have for today? One of the most exciting topics for me to write about - parties! I will share some stories and tips about partying in Barcelona. Today's main subject is W Hotel. For those who don't know what is it, W Hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world which is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Click here to know more about W Hotel.  

Fact is fact. W Hotel is the luxury place to be. Let me share my experience how it was possible for me to get there. In Barcelona in W Hotel there is a club called Eclipse, which is located on 26th floor. It sounds as cool as it is. You can observe such an incredible view to night Barcelona from the top. Moreover, there is a terrace just next to the hotel. In facebook I noticed the event which is organized there every Sunday, called Wet Deck Party. It was organized outside and, I have to admit, the atmosphere is unforgettable. Important to mention, it was for free - definitely do not miss this opportunity! 


Make sure to look fancy when you go to the party like this. In the beginning there will be securities who are going to check whether to let you in or not. Smile, be smart-dressed, make the impression and easily get onto the terrace. 

Additionally, since this event is on facebook, do not forget to REGISTER yourself by writing your name on the event wall. The names are checked at the entrance.

At the entrance special bracelets are traced to your wrists. When you get there, a lot of people surround you, you have a chance to enjoy good music with well-known DJs, just to dance and relax. VIP areas and bar are outside as well. Advantage of terrace party is that you are outside and at least can breathe fresh air. As it happens in majority of clubs here, it is just too stuffy inside the club + enormous amount of people makes it even worse. Therefore Wet Deck Party is an ideal combination of party spirit and fresh air :) Totally recommend it! You can make some photos in the machine installed there to save the memories from this day! You can stay tehre as much as you want and then your party night can be finalized by going to the beach, since W Hotel is on the sea front.

I had so much pleasure from visiting this place! Meeting new people and catching all awesome moments from Wet Deck Party on the terrace! Afterwards enjoyed my walk home along the beach. Water was simply stupendous! 

Well, partying in Barcelona is the unseparable part of being a guest or resident of this city.  I hope you liked this blog about W Hotel. Check out my other blogs! I bet it might be interesting!  

Stay tuned 

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Party hard. Make mistakes. Laugh endlessly. Do things yo are afraid to do.

After all, you are only young once.