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How is it to live in Finland? Finnsih education: how it goes, its pros and cons, schedule and structure of the studies. Different ways of having fun for the students.

How to apply to the University of Applied Sciences in Finland?

Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Here I will tell you the process of applying to Finnish UAS (University of Applied Sciences, in Finnsih it is called Ammattikorkeakoulu) and you can notice that it is not difficult at all. So, how to start? If you have decided that you would like to change you life and experience something new, studying abroad ... Read more

Entrance exam for the BM program: what to expect?

Since, I am the student on BM (Business Management) program, I will share with you what is the entrance exam looks like for this degree.

Everything starts in mid December - early January, when universities of applied sciences post on their websites annual report of any Finnish company. This is just one report for all universities, ... Read more

Welcome to XAMK

Mikkeli is a small student city in Finland, which is located just in 230 km from Helsinki. Its population is around 50 000 inhabitants. There are 2 universities in this city - XAMK (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences) and Aalto University (Helsinki Campus) Today I will introduce you my university - XAMK - Mikkeli Campus. Let me first start ... Read more

Structure of studies in Finnish UAS

Since I have already told you about my university (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences) it is time for me to acquaint you, dear audience, with how actually the studies in Finnish UAS go. Finnish education is considered to be one of the best and high quality education, so let's untangle all the secrets of Bachelor education together! ... Read more

Exchange opportunities for students with ERASMUS + PLus

Hello, world! Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Maybe you also have seen a bunch of international students in your city and you were wondering how they managed to gather all together in this particular country? EASY! They are travelling and studying in other countries using the ERASMUS+ programme! Undoubtedly, YOU can be ... Read more