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Hola chicos! If you came to Barcelona for the vacation and just feel a bit confused where to start from, you are lucky to read this blog post today! Undoubtedly, there is an immense amount of places to go in Barcelona and for my 3rd month here, I know them already and can advise you where to take a walk :)


Before coming here, I made a little research about the sightseeing in Barcelona. Even though I am here for 3.5 months and will have PLENTY of time to visit everything, I should have a general awareness of tourist attractions in this adorable city. After reading dozens of aticles, they lead me to the same solution - a place to start city investigation is Plaza Catalunya. 

PLAZA CATALUNYA is the huge rounded square which can be noticed from everywhere (subway station Catalunya) Subway lines L1 (red), L3 (green), L6 (light blue), L7 (brown) are connected here. There are beautiful fountains, which are illuminated during the night, and for sure many places to relax. You can even sit on the ground on the main square, it is clean there - believe me :) Only one disadvantage - ENORMOUS amount of pigeons. Hungry pigeons. Impudent pigeons. They will be ready to fight for every single piece of bread. So, beware of starving birds or sit on the square, feed them, be ready to be surrounded by 6830275648303756 of pigeons and feel like a BOSS :)

Plaza Catalunya is perfect place where the most recognized La Rambla and Passeig de Gracia start.

La Rambla is the biggest walking street in Barcelona. Her lengh is 1.3 km, this street is full of various shops and restaurants, however prices in restaurants are pretty high compared to another cafe just around the corner. Well, because it is Rambla. You can buy many souvenirs there, of course. When you are following La Rambla, soon on your right you will notice Mercat de la Boqueria - a huge market with all food kinds possible. It occupies the area of 2583 square meters. Make sure to check this out. 

Another awesome place a bit further on La Rambla is Palau Guell (Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5, L3 Liceo). This is a mansion which was designed by Antonio Gaudi and built between 1886 and 1888. The name of the neighborhood where Palau Guell is located is El Raval


Dear people, please watch your personal belongings when you are on Rambla! They can be easily stolen if you do not pay much attention to them. So be careful with it. 

Another tip is concerning Palau Guell: every first Sunday of each month it is possible to enter the Palace totally FOR FREE. Just say "Un billete gratis por favor" on the cash desk and you can get it. They start selling free tickets from 3pm. It is better to be there earlier, otherwise all billetes gratis will be sold out. 

Well, if you keep walking forward you will be getting close to El Monumento a Col√≥n (Columbus Monument), which is 60 m in hight. If you reached it, it means that you reached the end of La Rambla, CONGRATS! Also in the end you will notice Live statues. Those are just customized people, you can put some cents in their magic pot and you will see them moving! Prepare your camera to make really cool pics! 

So, this was another blog about wonderful places in Barcelona. I hope it helped you. 

Stay tuned

Sincerely yours 

Kate xoxo