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Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Here I will tell you the process of applying to Finnish UAS (University of Applied Sciences, in Finnsih it is called Ammattikorkeakoulu) and you can notice that it is not difficult at all. 

So, how to start? If you have decided that you would like to change you life and experience something new, studying abroad is a right decision! 

1) The first step is to decide, which universities you would like to apply to. According to the new system, you are able to choose up to 6 universities of applied sciences with the same degree program (e.g. degree in Business Management or International Business). All universities should be located in the order of your preference, therefore CHOOSE WISELY: if you are not accepted to the first-choice university, your documents will be automatically transferred to the second choice etc. Check StudyInfo website for more information


In 2014, when I have been applying, I have picked 4 universities with the same degree program - International business. The order of my preference was: 1 - Mikkeli UAS; 2 - Lahti UAS; 3 - Hämeenlinna UAS; 4 - Jyväskylä UAS. Why I picked those 4? Because they are located relatively near to Russian border, not too close and not too far either. Why Mikkeli is the first one? Because I have read a lot about this university and was totally satisfied with the location, study program and facilities as well. (Additionally, it was ranked as The best in Finland - Suomen Paras). Read more about my university here :) 

2) The admissions to UASes start in January, therefore students in schools do not have their school diplomas yet (at least this is how it goes in Russia, we get school diplomas in June). However it is not a problem and you still can apply to Finnsih UASes - it is called discretionary admission. Documents, which are necessary to be prepared for the application are:

  • Certificate from the school, which states that you will definitely finalize the studies in school and get your diploma
  • Certificate with your grades for the first half year in school (it is better to have 4 or 5 in your certificate, otherwise your chances to be considered for the degree can be lower)
  • Application form from
  • Motivation letter - for some universities it is not required, but I advise you to write it. This letter should be just one page long, which states how strong is your desire to come to this particular UAS
  • English test certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) - again, it can be not among necessary documents to attach, but can be desireble as well 



I have organized all my documents in 4 envelopes, which were sent by post to all universities except Mikkeli UAS. We brought documents directly to XAMK Mikkeli Campus (Previously names as MAMK - Mikkelin Ammattikorkeakoulu) and handed them to super friendly person, working in admission office. Other 3 envelopes we sent from Finnish post. If you put priority sign on them, it will take just couple of days for the envelopes to be delivered to the universities :) If you are able to come to the university of your first choice (or other) directly to hand the documents, I recommend you to do so, because you will have a chance to glance around and plunge a bit into finnsih education atmosphere. 

By the way, among the documents for my application was EVERYTHING mentioned above + some finnsih and english language certificates from different schools. REMEMBER: that admission offices will pick up the candidates for the entrance examination only according to the documents, so make sure that you will make the best impression possible.

3) Approximately in December or January, all Universities of Applied Sciences, which are included in FINNIPS (Finnish Network for International Programmes, it consists of 20 UASes all over Finland) post pre-reading material to be studies BEFORE entrance examination. Usually, it is any corporate report of a Finnish company (Fiskars, Itella, Finnair etc). You just simply have to learn it, then you will be prepared for the exam. More about entrance examination here.

4) Exam takes place in April, so you have sufficient time to prepare for an exam. Later in March maybe, you will receive the invitation for the exam. Next step is to take the exam if you are invited. Do not worry too much and think always positive :) Well, after exam is done, the only thing which is left is to patiently wait for the results (usually they are announced in June-July)

Soo, this was a short guide for your about how to apply to a Finnish UAS. Do not be afraid of experiencing something new and apply abroad, this will open a brand new life for you, full of new connections, knowledge and practices :) 

See you in other blogs 

Sincerely yours

Kate xoxo