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Arrived to Aeropuerto de Barcelona El Prat and want to rapidly get to the city center? There are several ways to do so, some of them might be obvious, some of them might be not. For some transport you will pay 6 euros for a single ticket, for some just 2.5 euros. Therefore, if you want to know some tiny lifehacks of how to get to the city center in Barcelona, STAY TUNED! 

Barcelona Airport consists of two terminals, Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) and also T2 consists of zone A, B and C. If you would like to commute between those two terminals, you can use the free shuttle buses (green coloured bus), which run quite frequently, and you can easily get from T1 to T2 and vise versa. El Prat is located in about 13 km away from the city center and you can get there by: 

                    - AEROBUS 

                    - Usual TMB bus 

                    - Metro

                    - Train 

                    - Taxi

Let's get deeper into the detail about each of the above mentioned types of transport


As soon as you get out of the airport building, you might notice the light blue bus with huge letters, saying AEROBUS. You noticed it? Cool! This is the easiest way to get to Plaza de Catalunya, the central square of Barcelona (read more about it here). The price for the bus is 5.90 euros, inside you have shelves to put you baggage on and it will take about 30-40 mins to get to the city center. You need to buy the separate ticket for the bus either inside the bus itself (or in the ticket machine next to the bus), or on the website. Integrated Barcelona tickets are not valid here (e.g. T10 ticket). From Terminal 1 you have to take AEROBUS A1, and logically from Terminal 2 the bus A2. Easy :) 

THE FASTEST WAY - by TRAIN  (operated by RENFE)

Train station is located in T2B. In order to get to the train station, just folow the escalators which lead to departures, and you will also see RENFE signs. You will need to follow the covered bridge which connects the airport terminal and the train station. 

The price for the single ticket is 4.20 euros, but I'd recommend to purchase the T10 ticket which is roughly 10 euros and it is valid for 10 journeys within Barcelona (read more about Barcelona transport here). Take the R2 line - it will take you to the following stations: PASSEIG DE GRACIA, SANS ESTACIO, EL CLOT. Passeig de Gracia is the very central location of Barcelona, located close to the Plaza de Catalunya. Sans Estacio is the large railway station, located quite closely to Plaza Espanya. The average travelling time is 30 mins :) Check the RENFE website to seek for timetables.


You can also take a tube from the Terminal 1 as well as from Terminal 2. There is newly operating metro line (L9). It will cost you 4.60 euros for a single ticket (integrated tickets are not valid here!),  but it will not take you straight away to the city center. You will have to change the lines. The final stop of L9 is Zona Universitaria.

Operating hours:
Catalunya -> T1 -> Catalunya
From 05:00 to 00:30
From 05:53 to 01:05 (from T1)
Catalunya -> T2 -> Catalunya
From 05:00 to 00:30
From 05:35 to 01:00 (From T2)

Shuttle bus between T1 and T2 (free)
Operating hours: 
Every 6-7 minutes 24 hours a day

RENFE train
Operating hours may vary but the first train from T2 leaves at 05:42 and the
last train at 23:38

Metro line L9
Operating hours: 
Mon - Thu 05:00 - 00:00 
Fri 05:00 - 02:00
Sat 24 Hours
Sun 05:00 - 00:00 
Public Holiday 05:00 - 00:00 


So, you arrived to T1. Follow the signs which lead you to the bus stops. Pass the AEROBUSes and leave the airport building. You need to search for the red bus 46, which will be in line with other buses. Make sure you take the bus which say to PL. ESPANYA  - this is another main square in Barcelona (Fantastic Museo Nacional is located there). The only problem with this bus is that it doesn't have special luggage areas inside, so it might be inconvenient for you if you have 5 massive suitcases :D

The price is 2.20 euros. The average travelling time is 30 mins. 


Please make sure you have little banknotes or coins with you. Maximum of 20 euros banknote will be accepted, because if you give more, the driver will simply not be able to give you the change. 

If you arrived to Barcelona at night, do not worry, you will not be sleeping on the floor in the airport :) There is a way to commute in Barcelona at night with the help of night buses! Therefore from the T1 you can take N17 and from the T2 take N16 bus. It will take you to Plaza Catalunya. It also works vice versa i.e. from Plaza Catalunya to the terminals at night you can get with the same buses. 


Easy peasy lemon squeezy...  You will find black-and-yellow coloured taxis everywhere close to the terminals. The average price is 30 euros for the ride. But it depends on where you are intending to travel. It is a good idea to take a taxi when there are, let's say, 4 of you, therefore you will pay the same 30 euros but divided by 4 people. But I would not recommend it if you are alone, it might be quite expensive for you. It is super convenient by the way :) 


You can see whether the taxi is available by noticing the sign on its front. It is either LIBRE (free) or OCUPADO (occupied)

Plaza Catalunya

AEROBUS and most of the public transport will take you to this central square.

Bus 46 (N16 and N17 at night)

Weekdays: From 04:50 h a 23:50  
Saturdays: From 04:50 h a 23:50 
Public holidays: From 04:50 h a 23:50 

Plaza Espanya

Bus 46 will take you here and from Plaza Espanya you can take either a tube to the central square, or just have a lovely walk

Wow, it's been a long blog to read! I hope you find it interesting and useful! Thank you for reading! 

Have a nice day

Sincerely yours 
Kate xoxo