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Since, I am the graduate from BM (Business Management) program, I will share with you what is the entrance exam looks like for this degree.

Everything starts in mid December - early January, when universities of applied sciences post on their websites annual report of any Finnish company. This is just one report for all universities, which are included in FINNIPS. Therefore, if you have decided to apply for BM degree, annual report will become your best friend for the nearest 4 months before an actual exam :)

By the time I had my entrance exam, we had to read about company, called Itella. If you click here, you can get acquainted with the report structure. Report contains tables, charts, financial and corporate information: all you need to do is, first, to get the main idea what the company stands for and after start memorizing the key facts. (ITELLA REPORT 2012)


 If your desire to study abroad is really strong, but you feel that it is difficult for you to MAKE YOURSELF to sit and read the report, especially learn it (it took me a lot to learn all the financial indicators and numbers by heart), it is better to visit special courses for the exam preparation. If you are Russian, I will strongly recommend you ORAKUL courses. I really have to give a credit to the teacher from Orakul, who was putting a lot of effort in order to prepare me for the entrance exam. Our classes were 3 times a week via Skype. In the beginning the teacher was giving general information about business and we were doing various tasks from the course book. When pre-reading material was available, the frequency of classes reduced to 2 times a week (to have sufficient time to read the report). Orakul staff is really experienced in the field of Finnish education. They have prepared sample tasks and were training me so much. I was literally feeling like a dog, who is trained every single day :D The progress was tracked on the e-learning platform. By April I have learned Itella annual report by heart and was totally ready to take the exam.

The exam itself consists of 2 major parts: Written and Spoken

  • WRITTEN PART: it includes 3 parts - essay, multiple choice questions and mathematical test. When you are in the auditorium, you are just given 3 hours and exam papers with all three components and you decide how you will distribute the time among the tasks. For the essay you are given a certain statement from the report, and you need to write 1.5-2 pages, commenting on this statement (REMEMBER to use concrete data!). Multiple choice questions are about annual report as well. There are 15 questions and you need to answer minimum 5 correctly to be considered further. Mathematical test just checks your general knowledge and logic. Such things like derivatives, integrals and trigonometry will NOT be included. Do not worry :) 
  • SPOKEN PART: after written part, you will be splitted apart in different groups with average 4-5 people. When the time for your group discussion comes, you will be handed a case on any business (or non business) topic possible. 10 min are given to you to read and prepare for the group discussion. Afterwards, you enter the classroom and start the discussion. The teacher is there controlling and assessing every enrollee. 

Try to show your leadership skills in the group discussion, this is what finnsih teachers are looking for: active and enthusiastic as well as smart students. Show your awareness of the case, (if possible, connect the case with your annual report, this would be an enormous plus!). Show your personality, good english speaking skills and track the time for the discussion, finsih it in time. Think positively and everything will be alright! Do not start panicking, it is just a discussion

By the way, I express my huge gratitude to Infinitive language school. I attended the English language courses for 3 years and after my level in English has sufficiently increased. 

Well, this is actually all about the entrance exam for BM program in Finland. I hope you will find this information useful! Good luck if you are brave enough to study in Finland! Feel free to contact me, if something is unclear for you, I will be more than happy to help :) 

See you in other blogs 

Sincerely yours

Kate xoxo