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Since I have already told you about my university (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences - read about it here) it is time for me to acquaint you, dear audience, with how actually the studies in Finnish UAS go. Finnish education is considered to be one of the best and high quality education, so let's untangle all the secrets of Bachelor education together! 

The most important thing to start with is to know what is the assessment system in European Universities? The answer is - ECTS, which stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, or students usually call it credits. Each course has a particular weight in credits, in Finland, normally, one course corresponds to 5 credits. 


        - The weight of 1 course you have taken is 5 ECTS

        - 1 credit equals approx 27 hours of workload (classwork + homework + projects etc)

        - 210 ECTS to get in order to graduate

        - All in all, it is about 3.5 years of studies

Don't be terrified by those numbers above. I will explain you step by step how it goes. First, let's handle the issue of the studying process in Finnish UAS.

There are 4 types of courses you have to complete in order to graduate

        1 - Basic compulsory courses - during the 1st year of studies

        2 - Professional compulsory courses - during the 2nd year of studies

        3 - Optional Professional courses - during the 3rd year of studies

        4 - Optional courses - can be completed anytime you want

You have to complete basic and professional training, meaning that you have to work in a company and do business related tasks (read about my professional training in Spanish company here

You can choose to undertake an ERASMUS Programme (read about it here) and spend 1 semester or a year abroad 

Finally, you need to write your Bachelor thesis


What I like about Finnish education, is that all the courses we have to complete are relevant to the degree you have picked. If it is a business degree, you will be taught all the business related courses. That is why, I like to associate my degree in Business Management with camomile, after the graduation you have a solid picture in your head of what business is like. 

I would like to explain a little more about Erasmus programme, Training and Thesis. Below you can see the summary of these 3 aspects in the studying process: 


I like the flexibility that the university gives its students. It tell you what to do, how to do and how much of it you have to do. In other words, the university gives you all the instructions and those kind staff members will be always happy to help. You decide yourself, how long you want to study, it can be 2.5, 3 or even 4 years (or more). It all depends on the time distribution that you have created for yourself. There is no such thing as fixed study time

Well, dear reader, I tried to summarise this enormous amount of information about the structure of studies in one post, hopefully i managed to do it in the most comprehensive way possible :) If you have any questions, do not hesistate to contact me through all my social media! I've got my Instagram, Facebook, VK and LinkedIn. 

Have a nice day and see you in other blogs

Sincerely your 
Kate xoxo


Studying means 10% reading and 90% complaining to yourfriends

that you have to study