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Hola a todos from sunny Barcelona! I am finally reunited with my lovely Barcelona! Last summer I have been in the city of Gaudi just like a tourist. I stayed here for 12 days and my daily to-do list was: go for a walk, go to the beach, go shopping. Already then, I simply fell in love with the city, because of the architecture, beach, astonishingly beautiful places and simply because of the surrounding atmosphere. Definitely, in order to enjoy the city for 100%, it is better to have at least one month here, but unfortunately last summer my stay here was just a short one. After I came back from Gaudi's creation, I did not feel sad that some places remained unvisited. I was quite sure that life is going to put me together with Barcelona again some day. And taaadaaaa! I am back! For the whole summer 2016! Let me now share my impressions of this city. 

Climate here is just perfect. I do not miss northern climate AT ALL. Sun and a bit humid air makes it feel awesome, really. Well, of course, apart from the cases when it is +38 and you cannot stay outside because it is SUPER hot, but still it can be handled :) 

Another thing which is easily noticible here, is that only minor part of inhabitants speak English ... This is unfortunate if you don't speak neither of 2 official languages of the country (Catalan and Spanish). Anyway gestures is the best help for you if you want to get some information from non-english-speaking person. For me, I know a bit of Spanish and sometimes can explain what is needed in Spanish. 

FOOD! OH MY GOD! People, the food here is fantasicaly incredible! I have not seen so many delicateces in recent time! The only thing I am ready to spend all my money for is food! Fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, paellas, tapas, fish and many many more. Prepare yourself to eat a lot here :D 

Architecture is undoubtedly the case. It is so different. On the one hand you see Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, amazing cathedral (do not miss the oportunity to look inside it), on another hand El Barri Gotic, or huge avenues which run throughout the city or then Plaza Espanya with its huge Museo Nacional and fountains etc. The city magnifies and fascinates me every single day. 

Next aspect which needs to be emphasized is "WHATEVER" attitude of Spaniards to everything :) They are relaxed in all the areas, whether it is work or just spare time. They do not really care much about what people think of them and simply enjoy every piece of their life in the resort city. You know, little by little I started to adopt something from this attitude to myself, I have to admit this is AWESOME. You start feeling more free and willing to find new adventures. Spaniards are loud, impulsive and energetic, they are ready to have fun and party whenever and wherever :D

Last one - the beach. There are approximately 10 beaches on the sea front. Such beach as Barceloneta or Nova Icaria are more touristic and concequently a bit dirty and crowded by the end of the day. If you are not lazy, go to Nova Mar Bella or Llevant beaches (closest subway is El Maresme i Forum). These ones are way cleaner than central beaches. ANOTHER NOTE: next to Nova Mar Bella there is a beach for the dogs :) So take your little cutie pie, go there and relax together. 

I will share with you my impressions of Barcelona in other blogs! 

Have a nice week

Sincerely yours 

Kate xoxo


"There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature.

Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners " - Antonio Gaudi